July 17, 2019

K208 Grill (Caloocan)

Another hidden gem around Caloocan City, K208 Grill is a Korean BBQ restaurant located along Deparo Road. It can be easily found since it's just literally just on the side of the road. They offers Korean inspired grilled barbecue with side dishes that complements taste fit for Filipinos and Korean-food lovers.

As you can see above, eating in K208 Grill will not be going to be hard on your wallet. They doesn't have a time limit as well unlike other place which only gives you 2 hours maximum. 

The first thought that came into my mind when we came inside is the place is it just looks like most corner restaurants in South Korea that I saw in most dramas. You know, when the main characters just wants to eat and they have this secret place where they pour their feelings and all the jazz? Yeah. What they lack in space and made up for their neatness and I find their chairs that are recycled mini drums so cute!

We enjoyed the food. The side dishes may not be very extensive but they make up for the selection and the taste! I particularly loved their Kimchi which they also sell per pack for 100php! It's a must try!

208 Deparo Road, North Caloocan City

Check their Facebook account for more details:

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