April 16, 2019

Diet Adjourn (Caloocan)

Another snack shop from Caloocan, Diet Adjourn has already been kind of famous in facebook. In fact, it was a shared post from their page that I saw in my news feed that I came to know about their existence. I went to their page and saw how cheap and what looks like really tasty food from their posts as well as photos shared by other people who already went and ate there. So my foodie self couldn't helped it. I had to go there. I had to know and to share it to you guys!

Okay, first of all, let me talk about their space. Diet Adjourn isn't a full blown restaurant as you might think. They are a small neighborhood snack shop with 5 full tables. Now, these tables aren't all inside the shop. You might have to dine AL FRESCO since 3 out of the 5 tables are outside the premise of the main shop. It doesn't have a roof either and if you're a bit sensitive, you might find it a bit icky since the shop is in front of a road where a lot of jeeps and other vehicles are passing by. But it's a good thing that I see since you can just ride in front of the shop after eating, right? That's how I see it.

Also, I think it's nice that they still put on an effort to make the place looks better with the designs and displays even though the place isn't anything fancy looking, it still looks cute with their overall design.

Now, into their service, let's just say that I was expecting them to be a little slow since when we came, the place is packed; students, people from the neighborhood and what seems like people like us who came to try them too. Good thing that the people are nice enough that after eating, they didn't really stick around to give way to the other customers. Anyway, as I have said above, I was expecting them to be a little slow but I was impressed because it might be a busy time, but their staffs seems to be in sync on what to do. I think after 5 minutes since we ordered, our food is ready!

But to be fair, our order isn't anything complicated. I ordered two o their 'set meals' which are:


Junior burger + fries + lemon juice.

PERFECT FOR TWO - 96Php (Upsized shakes)

1 french fries + 1 nnachos + 2 regular shakes (we upsized but I forgot how much was added)

If you buy these individually, french fries and nachos is only 30php each. Medium shake is 25php.

For less than 200php, me and my cousin was full.

The shakes doesn't taste anything especial but for its price, it's an okay for me. We had Mango and Chocolate flavor. On their french fries and nachos, well, it's all about the toppings. The junior burger is okay as well. And while I love that their toppings consists of mayo, cheese, pork meat and diced tomato, the pork meat kind of makes it bland since it seems like it was just boiled to be cooked. In my opinion, it would probably taste better if the pork meat would been cooked with certain taste or flavor.

This is the overview of our food.

I ordered another fries and their CLUB D (Junior club house sandwiches) for my aunt and uncle. I wasn't able to taste the CLUB D but I promise to come back and taste more. I would have ordered one of their FREAK SHAKES but I wasn't in the mood at that time. Let me just say that I am saving it for my next visit.

We visited their BAGONG SILANG branch not knowing they have other branch just along CAMARIN which was nearer to my Aunt's place but it's fine since it's still just one ride away.

You can check their page here:

Happy Eating!

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