April 02, 2019

Arte Kape Life (Caloocan)

Ola! It has been awhile since out last entry. Let's take a break from the meaty samgyupsal blog posts and let me introduce you to a quaint and cozy corner coffee shop that I discovered somewhere along Camarin road in Caloocan.

Arte Kape sits along the busy road of Camarin in Caloocan City. I have been seeing this shop for quite a while now whenever I visit the oldies in Caloocan, but it has been just recently that I was able to visit it with my cousin. It was a quiet night when we arrived and just like how I expected it, the place is neat and cozy.

There's only one occupied table when we arrived, and it's a mother with her two kids that she's reviewing with. It just means that they chose this place as it's not going to be crowded and noisy.

Arte Kape has an al fresco space for people who prefers the non air-conditioned place inside. The tables are marbled and it goes okay with the rustic-ish style of the place.

They have quite a selection of drinks as per their menu, but their pastries/cakes selection at that time is very limited to a chocolate cake and cheesecake bars and brownies. 

As commendable as their place might be, their drinks tastes just like a regular frappucino in other coffee shops. Perhaps, it tasted more 'powdery' than other shops I have tried. I could have settled for a cup in the nearest starbucks as the prices aren't far but at least I know that the coffee is far better.

Their cheesecake bar and brownies tasted good. I would have want to taste their chocolate cake but I haven't had dinner yet, and I might lose my appetite if I'd have the cake first.

The two staff are kind of quiet and not really 'smiling' or doesn't really give me the 'accommodating' vibe. They seemed like robots doing their thing, but other than that, they still did their jobs so yeah. okay. After serving us our drinks and food, they stayed outside, in the al fresco dining.

Overall, I think I'd still go back and try other pastries they may have. I know that they have another branch somewhere and it seems more active than this branch in Camarin. I might try it also if given the chance.

This is me waiting for our orders.

Unit 2 North Matrixville Commercial Townhouses, Camarin Road, Camarin, North Caloocan, Caloocan City
10AM - 10PM

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