August 30, 2019

Chemistea (Quezon City)

Milk tea shops and stores has been sprouting everywhere all over the country and people are going crazier over them. There's even debates over milk teas and iced coffee on what's the better drink but amidst all the hype and controversies, looks like the milk tea hysteria isn't going anywhere. There are different concepts, themes and selling points that each milk tea shops are doing to market their drinks and we think that Chemistea has one of the best concept and theme in the game.

At first glance, the place is relatively small but you'll soon realize that the space has been maximized to accept a good number of customers all at once. Customers comes and goes, from teens to the older bracket, this just shows that the interest for this certain milk tea shop is quite good. 

Their tables are very cute because it was designed with a periodic table look of different elements. A thumbs up for incorporating it for their overall theme. They have a corner where you can choose what books to read while waiting or while just chilling. Below that are different card and board games you can play with your friend while hanging out. It's encouraging the customers to make their time more enjoyable while having their milk tea fix in Chemistea.

They also have a freedom board where you can post anything you'd want to say while you were there and I think this is also a plus points for Chemistea.

These are the drinks that we tried and these are just some of their bestsellers.

As you can see above, the 'experiment' thing about their teas isn't just a marketing ploy for its instagrammable look but it is also very real! You can really experiment and try to add different flavor and adjust its sweetness via the sweetener. The 'base' tea we got is naicha tea. We had fun experimenting and adding ingredients.

Taste-wise, I have no words but everything doesn't just look good, but they also tastes good. It's just a bonus that you get to drink it in an Erlenmeyer flask on in a beaker that makes the experience more enjoyable and unique.

Of course they also serve food and snacks. We got to try their nachos and their spicy tuna pesto and both are approved. The spiciness of their tuna pesto isn't too much and manageable so even if you don't really like spicy food, this can be a little challenge but it will be worth it.

Chemistea is one of those place wherein you can their drinks and place all at once as well because they have card and board games. The place looks humble and very cute, not too overwhelming and perfect to chill or catch up with a friend.

Plus, they use metal straws so you are also sure that they care about the environment!

You can visit them at  44 Shorthorn St., 1106 Quezon City or you can check their facebook page to know more details: Chemistea Facebook Page.
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