August 26, 2019

10,000 Roses Cafe & More (Cebu)

One of the most iconic and instagrammable place you can go to in Cebu is the famous 10,000 Roses Cafe and More. It made waves a few years ago but even until now, tourists and travelers are still drawn to this attraction whenever they would come to Cebu. It is located in Day-as Brgy. Road in Cordova, Cebu. It's quite far from Mactan airport but if you really want to go and see these roses, I think that the little hassle can be worth it.

The 10,000 artificial roses can be seen even from afar. You'll just have to find a spot you think you'll look best but honestly, it will not be that hard since most corners of the place can be used as a background for your ootd or instagram post.

Aside from the 10,000 roses outside, there's a cafe where you can get your coffee fix or feed your hunger after a few minutes of going around and posing for pictures. The cafe is quite small, but there's an al fresco side which is very spacious overlooking the sea. It is located at the farther part of the field of roses but you can see it clearly because of its sign.

The weather is quite sunny but not really that hot when we came, so we kind of enjoyed going around before we finally entered the cafe and order our food.

Yep, we were kind of hungry at that time so we ordered one pasta and one kind of fries each.

First of all, let me tell you how expensive their food and drinks are. Their pasta ranges from 350php to 400php. Their fries ranges from 200php and up. I mean, some cafes has this kind of pricing as well but we are disappointed with the taste of the pastas. Tons of big slices of garlic. The bacon pasta is just plain oily. The carbonara is also bland. Their fries are a little too pricey as well but we loved it so I guess, that's the 'pampalubag' in here.

The frappes are okay, I guess. Price is usual so it's a thumbs up for us.

The service is nice, if I may add. They gave us a complimentary cake to taste and although I didn't know what's it called and my friends didn't like it, I loved it!

If you guys want to see the place, here it is.

There are ample of seats and tables in the al fresco area facing the sea. The breeze is cool. There's no unwanted smell coming from the water or something.

There is an entrance fee of 20php per person. It was said that going there used to be free, but people are so reckless, some are even damaging the roses that they had to ask for an entrance fee for funds to changed the roses.

Before you reach the entrance of the cafe, they have a souvenir shop.

My friend bought a small version of the artificial rose with led lights in the souvenir shop. Our grab driver saw it and thought she got it from the field. We laughed and said that it was from the souvenir shop. The grab driver told us that he had some passengers before holding an artificial rose and it came from the field itself, so when he said that it's not 10,000 roses anymore, I believed him.

Anyway, we would have tried their pizzas but it's unavailable. Do not be discouraged by this review of their food as they can be improved or there might be other dishes that tastes better.

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