April 28, 2019

Instalog (Caloocan)

Another discovery in the North, Instalog is not an average food shop within the busy corners of Vicas, along Camarin road in Caloocan City. It might look small and simple, but their offerings is quite extensive which makes it really impressive for me. I have seen this a lot of times as the Vicas is where the jeepneys that I ride to is passing by. I was curious, alright. But I know that one of these days, I'll probably just have the time to have a taste and visit them soon.

Despite their space being small, they made sure to utilize the space by having smaller wooden tables and chairs to accommodate more customers. The place is also open so it is airy and you won't feel suffocated. It may look quaint but it is clean inside. No weird smell or something.

My cousin already ate here once, so she told me that they are really cheap but good. So I already expected something from them. I was quite surprised to see that they have a lot of food in their menu. I mean, it's not really a lot, but for a canteen-like feels of the place, aside from tapsilog and the likes, they also have a few desserts and soups.

Since I wasn't really that hungry and I immediately crave for mami when I saw that they have it, that's what I ordered.

My cousin, on the other hand ordered this. I tasted it and it might be a little salty for others because of the breading but it's good. And for its price, I am sure you'll think it is worth every penny.

Our desserts are these: Saba con yelo and Mais con yelo.

Mine's the Saba con yelo and my cousin wanted Mais con yelo.

At first glance after it was served, I was kind of worried that the ice already melted on the milk since you won't see any ice on the surface. I just shrugged my shoulder off and enjoyed the mami, same as my cousin enjoying her food. When it was time to eat our dessert, lo and behold! There's like an iceberg underneath the mais and the saba and it's still big! I was really surprised amidst the time that we consumed before eating the dessert.

This is a much recommended place. They have other branches as well.

You can check their page here: Instalog Facebook Page

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